Sunday, 25 December 2016

Golf is Happiness

I spent some time today watching Moe Norman videos. Moe was known as the world's greatest ballstriker. Though he was not accepted on the the PGA tour because of his quirkiness, Moe was a Canadian golfing legend. He had 17 holes in one. He set 41 course records. He shot 59 three times, the last time at age 62. He won over 50 professional tournaments in Canada in fields that included the likes of Arnold Palmer, Doug Sanders, and Ken Venturi.

Moe lived to play golf and, though he became quite famous in later years, had the sadness of being driven off the PGA tour. He wasn't ultimately able to do what he wanted--to play against golf's greatest players on golf's greatest courses. But, for Moe, golf was truly happiness. Here's what he said about the game:

    "Golf is truly happiness. It's intoxication without the hangover. It's stimulation without the pills. Its price is high, yet its rewards are richer. Some say it's a boy's pasttime, yet it builds men. It cleanses the mind and rejuvenates the body. It's these things and many more for those who know it and love it. Golf is truly happiness."

Moe Norman is gone but not forgotten. He will always be a golf legend.

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