Friday, 2 December 2016

Tiger Goes Bogey Free

Thank heaven you can record Golfchannel programming. Is it just me, or does Golfchannel force us to watch more commercials than actual program content? You see two or three shots, then "let's break to commercials." It's painful.

Today I feared we might be seeing perhaps the worst case scenario when it comes to Tiger's return. He found himself playing alone--the last man in the field after Justin Rose decided his back was too bad to continue. Tiger must have been extremely disappointed. He must also have been concerned that he could find himself playing alone for the remainder of the tournament if he didn't continue making birdies and eliminate the bogeys. But then, that's how I would be thinking. I'm not Tiger Woods.

Well, seven birdies and no bogeys has pretty much eliminated the possibility that Tiger will find himself at the back of the pack. The biggest moment for me was when he holed that long putt to save par on sixteen. By his reaction, I think it was a huge moment for Tiger as well. He well knows the importance of saving pars.

Tiger may not win this week, but he hasn't embarrassed himself. When you watch guys like Bubba, DJ, and JB Holmes overpower the golf course, you still have wonder whether Tiger has the physical equipment left to run with those guys. But at least we know he can still make a score. And, in the end, it's only the score that counts.