Sunday, 4 December 2016

Patrick Reed in Pink

I noticed that Patrick Reed, who usually sports the Tiger red and black on Sundays is resplendant in a pink shirt. Patrick is clearly rendering due respect to Tiger. That's the thing with Tiger. Whether you love him or not, you have to give him his due. What he has already accomplished in the game sets him up there in the pantheon of golf's greatest players.

Whether Tiger deserves the title of the greatest ever often depends on who you grew up idolizing. For me it was Jack. For those who saw Bobby Jones, or Harry Vardon, or Sam Snead play, they might put forth the argument that those guys could have taken on the big cat and won. The argument is really pointless because they all came from different generations. All any golfer can do is beat the guys he's playing against, and Tiger has done that in spades.

We talk about his fourteen Majors, but what about World Golf Championships? Tiger has totally dominated when playing against the strongest fields in golf. Compared to his contemporaries, Tiger's record makes that of even the best if his rivals pale in comparison. It's simply no contest.

I have enjoyed Tiger's return. I've enjoyed seeing him play well. And I've enjoyed watching him smile and interact so well with the other players and the media. Whether he wins another five Majors, as he believes he can, or whether he never wins another tournament, you just have to give the man his due. He may not be the GOAT, depending on your point of view, but he is definitely the greatest of his generation. And, in the end that's all you can do.

Patrick Reed understands that red and black belongs to Tiger. It will be interesting to see whether, with Tiger back in the fray, he will become the man in pink and black on Sundays. I prefer pink anyway. Real men wear pink.