Thursday, 1 December 2016

Tiger and the Driver

El Tigre made his first competitive start in the Bahamas today at the Hero World Challenge--in case anyone hasn't heard. There was some good stuff and some not-so-good stuff. The good news is he didn't finish last in the eighteen man field. The bad news is he was second to last after double bogies on two of his last three holes. It was a tale of two nines.

All in all, Tiger looked pretty decent. Going out in 33 he had us wondering. Coming home in 40, it seems that he's still got a way to go. The problem club continues to be the driver. It cost him again today. Whether it's the driver, as one announcer suggested, or whether it's the guy driving that's the problem, only time will tell. 

Tiger looks lean. He looks pretty loose. I like that his swing seems to be more upright and less violent. His irons were pretty darn good. It's just that driver. It really has been his nemesis. Greg Norman, one of the game's greatest drivers had some advice that I think might be applicable to Tiger's situation when he said:"If you can't hit the driver, don't."

I have always maintained that had Tiger used a hot three wood, like Henrik Stenson, instead of hitting a driver, he would have been pretty much unbeatable. So, while the start wasn't too bad, I would have two suggestions, not that I'm anyone someone like Tiger would, or should, listen to. I'd suggest he listen to the Shark's advice, and that he get the specs on that three wood Henrik is using.

Anyway, it is nice to see a smiling Tiger Woods back playing. I hope he keeps smiling and enjoys his time competing from now on. Let's face it; it isn't like he has anything left to prove; other than maybe to himself.