Sunday, 13 March 2016

Doing Too Much?

Jordan Spieth has managed to defy the critics and has fouught his way back into contention at the Valspar championship on the tough Copperhead course.  The frustration of his lousy first round led him to respond to critics on social media.  Never a good idea.  Any time you get into a smelling contest with a skunk, you're going to end up losing.

His two rounds of stellar play since on a tough track have him in the same position as last year when he managed to rally and win in a playoff.  Whether he can make history repeat itself is anyone's guess.  But, clearly, he's still got some golf left in him.

I spoke to my old mother about his first round travails and she said,"He's doing too much."  The problem with being the best is that every asshole and his uncle is willing to throw money at you to get a piece of you.  Your life changes in ways I certainly couldn't even imagine.  With that change comes a balancing act.  Perhaps that is why you see so many players get to number one in the world and then promptly fall away.  Luke Donald and Martin Kaymer come to mind.  The buzz around being number one is definitely not for everyone.  Look at Jason Day.  He has become conspicuous by his absence from leaderboards since finally ascending to number one for a week or two.

Whether Spieth has been "doing too much," as Granny suggests, or whether it is just the vagaries of golf--who knows.  But one thing for certain, this kid isn't done by a damn sight.  He's the real deal.

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