Saturday, 19 March 2016

Oberholser's Magic Wedge

I've been watching the commercials and suddenly realized, after giving up on my 54 degree wedge the other day, I've been using the wrong equipment.  Mr. Oberholser tells me I should be playing the XE1 wedge.  Apparently it's foolproof.  

No matter what the lie, all I have to do is square it up and swing and the ball will pop right up there next to the hole.  Why, then, have I not seen one tour player using one?  Why do they want to make things difficult for themselves when there's a foolproof answer?

I really wonder how these guys like Oberholser, shilling for the latest magic club or ball to come along, look themselves in the mirror.  Oberholser tells us, "without so much as a single lesson or practice session," we can use this wedge to "eradicate" fat chips and pitches, even with our less-than-perfect swing.  We'll get it out of the bunker every time. We can now clip the ball cleanly off tight lies and stop it next to the pin.  We'll be filled with confidence no matter what the lie or greenside condition. We'll even wipe the grins off our buddies' faces as they see us execute a Phil Mickelson flop shot.

And, we'll be able to do these things "immediately, the very first time" we pick up this amazing wedge.  Oberholser even has the nerve to talk about us "cursing" the $150 wedge and "all those famous pros who endorse it."  This guy has got brass ones.  I mean, seriously, some guys will say anything if the price is right.

Nevertheless, the way my 54 degree wedge has been working, maybe I should order this magic wedge.  I'm sure it must come with a money-back guarantee.

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