Monday, 7 March 2016

The Fab Four?

I think it's perhaps time to admit that the Fab Four's performance has been somewhat underwhelming of late.  Rickie Fowler has played the best, but he seems to be struggling a bit since his playoff loss to Matsuyama.

Jason Day has not played much, and when he has, it's been hardly the kind of golf he played at the end of last season.  Jordan Spieth looks very much out of sync.  And Rory, after his second Sunday collapse in a row, looks to be discombobulated, but definitely buffed.

Golf is a fickle game.  You have it one day, and the following day you can't piddle a drop.  But the great players seem to find a way to make a score, even if they haven't got their best stuff.  Jordan Spieth was probably the best example we've seen of this since Tiger Woods--until recently.

I don't necessarily see any need for the Fab Four to panic.  It's still a few weeks until Augusta, and they just might be able to peak at the right time.  But right now the best picks for this year's green jacket seem to be Adam Scott, Bubba Watson, and maybe even Phil.  They know how to get it done around Augusta National, and they are in the best form.

I was one who was celebrating the emergence of these four exciting players.  I thought it was great for the game.  But it appears it isn't going to be quite as easy for them to dominate the game as it looked like it was going to be.  There are some thirty and forty somethings who apparently aren't quite done yet.

One thing for certain, the Masters is going to be as interesting as ever this year.


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