Saturday, 1 August 2015

Does Golf Really Need Saving?

I regularly hear that golf, as a game, is in trouble.  Apparently, people are quitting the game.  Fewer people are joining clubs.  I hear that fewer kids are playing, apparently opting for the video version to the real thing.  So, is golf in trouble; does it really need saving?

Perhaps, if I was an equipment manufacturer, relying on people purchasing my latest-and-greatest driver, or game-improvement, distance-enhancing irons, I might be worried.  Perhaps, if I was someone who hired a big name professional to build me a golf course in an area where there were already enough good courses, I'd be worried.

But, anyone who loves this game, and understands golfers, knows that as long as there is air, someone, somewhere, will be playing golf.  It's that kind of game.  

So, if your concern is about how much more profitable golf can become, perhaps you have reason to worry.  We have pretty much pushed the envelope in that regard.  But, if you think golf, as a game, is in trouble, you're obviously not a golfer.