Thursday, 20 August 2015

Everybody's a Critic

It seems that everybody's a critic, especially when it comes to golf.  We like to look at the top players from the relative comfort of our armchairs and talk about what they're doing wrong, or what they should be doing.  We've seen it with Tiger.  And now, we're seeing it with Jordan Spieth.

I just read an article that was actually critical of Jordan Spieth.  The gist of the article was that Jordan was boring.  He was too nice.  His play wasn't exciting enough.  He wasn't long enough.  He didn't play aggressively enough, and he needed to work out more.  

I must admit, I was taken aback by this article, but I can't say I was surprised.  In this day and age, where we are surrounded by so-called experts, the top players are inundated with, more often than not, unsolicited advice and criticism.  

Jordan Spieth is in the last stages of one of the greatest seasons we've ever witnessed in professional golf, and there are people out there who are saying he needs to change.  It boggles the mind.  But this is the way it is, especially when it comes to golf.

All I can say, in response to the critics of Jordan Spieth, is that I hope and trust that he will have enough sense not to listen to the naysayers, or the guys with a "better" idea; and that he will just keep doing what he's doing.  As of last Sunday, Spieth had just become number one in the world and set the all-time lowest scoring record in relation to par for the four Majors.  His worst finish in a Major was one shot out of a play off at the Open.  He finished second last week to a guy who set the record for the lowest 72 hole score ever posted in a Major. And, believe it or not, there is someone out there who is suggesting he needs to change.

What can you say?  Everyone, it seems, is a critic.