Sunday, 16 August 2015

"Tears in my Eyes Too, Mate"

To watch Jordan Spieth and Jason Day fight for the Wannamaker trophy and show such respect for each other as they did so was something to behold.  It wasn't quite like watching Nicklaus and Watson battle it out, because Nicklaus, by then, was already a legend.  But it was close.  It reminds us what golf is all about.  You give it your best; lay it all on the line; and if your best isn't good enough, you congratulate the person who was better than you on the day.  

In golf, there is no real shame in losing.  It just isn't the kind of game where you can win all the time.  Contrary to what some people might believe, in golf, second place doesn't "suck."  How great it was to see Spieth give Day the thumbs up as Day lagged his sixty foot putt on seventeen, stone dead, essentially dashing any hope Jordan might still have had to somehow win.

In what other sport would you see two warriors show such respect for one another?  This kid Spieth is something to behold.  He fought to the end.  Did you see the bunker shot he made to secure his birdie on sixteen?  I mean, this kid is magic.  But even his magic wasn't enough to rattle Day as he marched to his first Major victory.  Day was even better, with his majestic drives and towering iron shots.  Have we ever witnessed golf played at a higher level?  

As for Jordan Spieth, I am as impressed as much by the way he loses, as by the way he wins.  He reminds me of a certain Jack Nicklaus.  He's not quite a legend yet, but, like Jack, the kid is pure class.

Remember when we thought we'd never see golf played at a higher level than it was by Tiger in 2000?  Guess what?  We're seeing it.  To see the spirit in which it was played, and to see this fine young man, Jason Day, finally realize his dream; it brought tears to my eyes.  I guess I had plenty of company.  As Ian Baker-Finch said, watching Day sign his card, "Tears in my eyes too, mate."