Monday, 17 August 2015

The Champion and the Askhole

I played today with Steve, Radar, and Billy.  

As we were preparing to tee off, Billy asked me if I was going to congratulate him.  I asked for some clarification, and he advised me that he was the B-flight champion in the club championship.  He said it was all down to the "push and pull" method that he'd adopted thanks to the "John Haynes School of Golf."  

I was really pleased for him because he's certainly been having his struggles.  I was pleased that my suggestion had helped.  Steve piped in, as he is inclined to do at times like this, and reminded me that I had pretty much single-handedly taken him from a 14 to a 20.

I reminded him that you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.  Furthermore, I informed him that he was actually an "Askhole;" someone who asks for advice and then doesn't take it.  While I'm not a teacher, I wonder how many teachers out there vainly try to help guys like Steve.  You can't help an Askhole.

We had a fun match, with Steve and Radar against Billy and I.  Billy and I had won the match after fifteen, so Radar decided to press.  And again, Billy, the B-fight champion, and I took them down on 18, when both Steve and Radar missed short ones for par.  

I told them they should have expected nothing else.  After all, they were up against a champion.  It was a fun day.