Thursday, 28 July 2016

Another Bad Start by Rory at the PGA Championship

It was another tough start for Rory at the PGA championship.  He made four bogeys and not a single birdie.  In the post-round interview he admitted that his putting was poor and that, while he has two PGA championships, he didn't win them from way back in the pack after the first round.

It would seem to be all but certain that Rory will now be skunked for the second year in the Majors despite some of the hype thanks to Nike commercials and his expressed confidence that it would be a big year.  So, what are we to think?  Is Rory on the right track?  

We have surely not seen the last of Rory McIlroy.  But I think it's probably time for Rory to consider going back to the proverbial drawing board.  Clearly, what he's been doing for the last couple of years isn't working.  Hours in the gym and his new physique has apparently actually led to a reduction in his swing speed.  His focus on adding muscle hasn't done much for his short game either, especially on the greens.  

I kind of miss that young, mop-haired kid from Northern Ireland--the one who played Titleist and couldn't dead lift a volkswagon.