Friday, 15 July 2016

Now That is Golf

Now that is golf.  Watching the Open I'm reminded of just how great links golf is.  There's parkland golf, and then there's links golf.  They are two different animals.  And the turf: the first time you hit the ball off the fairway of a true links course you say to yourself, "This is what you're meant to play off."  It's perfect.

Parkland golf is generally played in the air.  The guy who can hit the ball high, land it on the right number, and putt, is going to do very well at parkland, or inland, golf.  In links golf he might just be blown away.  Links golf demands the ability to use your imagination to negotiate the winds and the humps and the bumps that golf on linksland presents.  

The other beauty of links golf is that you encounter a different course from day to day, if not minute to minute, based upon the vaguaries of the weather.  It's never boring.  But sometimes, like it was for Phil yesterday, it can be almost easy.  When the sun shines and the wind sits down, it's nay so bad.  But when the wind blows and the rain is coming at you sideways, it's fun.  Or you better think it's fun or you'll have a lousy day.

I wish I could play links golf every day.  If my ship comes in, perhaps some day I will.  In the meantime, I'll watch the Open at Royal Troon and, especially now that the wind is blowing and the rain is falling, wish I was there.