Friday, 22 July 2016

Spiros Does It Again

Spiros and I played back to back matches and the wily Greek did it to me again.  I've been giving him fourteen strokes, and we played a stroke play match where I ran away on him.  So I suggested we stick to match play.  Match play is a much better format for a guy, like Spiros, who is prone to making the odd big number.  When you make that nine it only costs you a hole and not the match.

Our first match was going surprisingly well for me.  I was cruising along and ended up dormie with four to play.  But sometimes a big lead can lead to carelessness on the leader's part and heightened concentration on the loser's.  Sure enough, I made a couple of bogies and Spiros played his last four holes one over, including an up-and-down par on eighteen to halve the match.  Eighteen is a par three and Spiros got a stroke.  I mean, who gets a stroke on a par three?  And then to make par--it just isn't right.  I'm kidding of course.  But suffice it to say that Spiros felt pretty good about coming back from four down to halve the match.  

Yesterday we played another match.  Spiros still got fourteen strokes and I'll be damned if he didn't throw nine pars at me.  With fourteen shots, many of those pars were net birdies and Spiros ended up thrashing me four and three.  I was playing pretty well, but my three birdies didn't quite cut it against that run of pars by Spiros the--dare I say it--sandbagger.  Again I'm only kidding, but Spiros is worried he'll get a reputation if I keep calling him the S-word.  I'm actually happy to see him playing so well.

But today we are having another match and Spiros is getting thirteen strokes.  Every time he beats me, we're shaving off a stroke.  All I can say is, beware of Greeks asking for strokes!