Saturday, 2 July 2016

Steven Bowditch

I just read an article on Australia's Steven Bowditch.  He has apparently been struggling to break 80 of late and managed to finally do so.  He also managed to joke about it on social media.

Golf is a tough game.  It's much tougher, as I can attest, when you suffer from depression, or some other form of mental illness.  To have been able to play at the highest level while suffering from what can be a life-threatening illness is a testament to Bowditch's talent and courage.  

Many golfers battle a variety of ailments and injuries.  But, though you can't see it, depression is one of the absolute worst.  It saps your energy.  It makes concentration extremely difficult.  It makes you more vulnerable to stress.  To have made over 10 million dollars and to have won on the PGA tour while battling depression is a remarkable achievement for this very talented golfer.  

As a fellow depression sufferer, I can only express my respect for what Steven Bowditch has accomplished.  He has a tough row to hoe, but he's obviously tough enough.