Sunday, 24 July 2016

Make It Vanilla

If it's your score that you're interested in, golf demands a certain practicality.  You have to eventually come to terms with what you are capable of and play your game, evaluating the odds and picking your shot accordingly.  There are no pictures on the scorecard.

I really enjoy trying different shots.  Sometimes they come off and I look like a golfer, and sometimes I end up looking like a mug.  I think Harvey Penick had a really good piece of advice for players of all levels when he said that if you had to pick a flavour for your shot, make it vanilla.  In other words, when you're trying to score, pick the simplest, most effective, and safest shot to play.  There's no need to get fancy, unless a fancy shot is the only option available.  

Of course, when the stakes are low, and you aren't too concerned with your score, you might want to try hitting a particularly tricky or difficult shot.  It's fun to challenge yourself sometimes.  However, when the chips are down, try to remember Harvey's advice and make your shots vanilla.  Vanilla is good.