Thursday, 7 July 2016

Tee It High and Let It Fly

I just read Sam Adams' article about the one way you really can get more yards off the tee without buying a new driver, going to the gym, or taking lessons.  Simply tee the ball high so that you are more likely to catch it on the upswing and hit hit higher with less backspin.

Interestingly enough, I played with Steve and Brett yesterday and Brett was pounding the ball.  We were just out having a fun round, and Brett mentioned to Steve on the tenth tee about how he was making sure he had good shoulder tilt and teed the ball as high as he could--making certain he was hitting up on it.  I tried to do the same thing, at least as far as tilting my shoulders was concerned, and instantly saw my trajectory improve drastically.  

I was getting better shoulder tilt, but I still wasn't teeing it up as high as I could.  Today, I'm going to do both and see what happens.  My distance off the tee has dropped off dramatically.  Perhaps this might just help.

Jack Nicklaus was onced asked why he teed the ball so high with the driver.  He said that experience had taught him that the air offers less resistance than the ground.  I'm going to try to tee it high, and let it fly.  It feels strange at first if you haven't been doing it.  But most changes--even good ones--feel a bit strange, or awkward, at first.