Saturday, 30 July 2016

When Will They Finally Send McCord Packing?

Once again at the PGA championship they managed to have yet another rules issue with Jordan Spieth's drop.  Apparently, because I didn't see it, my least favourite announcer, Gary McCord, had lots to say about the ruling.

I only have two questions.  First, what is the point of having a rules official on the scene if people are able to question and sometimes over-rule his or her decision? This was, or at least should have been, a simple drop from casual water.  Secondly, why is Gary McCord still announcing?  Is there anyone out there who isn't tired of his schtick?  He has to be the least funny, most annoying announcer I've ever listened to.  He doesn't know when to just shut up.  He just prattles on and on, feeling the need to talk constantly when the action speaks for itself.

Remember the Open a couple of weeks ago?  No nonsense over the rules, and no Gary McCord.  Now that's the way you do it.