Friday, 8 July 2016

Phil the Thrill and Martin Kaymer

I was checking on Granny, who was watching the re-airing of today's play at the Scottish Open.  Martin Kaymer came on the screen, resplendent in his yellow pullover.

I said, "There's Martin Kaymer.  You really like him don't you?"

"Oh yeah,"  Granny said.  "I just love him."

Then they showed Phil Mickelson.  I said to Granny, "There's your favourite."

She said, "He gives me a sweet pain in the ass."

I had to admit that Phil gives me a pain in the arse as well with that have-assed, smarmy grin of his.  He makes my weasel meter go off.  Great player, but he's definitely not my cup of tea.  As far as being Phil the Thrill is concerned, I'd be more inclined to call him Phil the Pill.  So would Granny.

Oh well, I'm sure Phil won't be losing any sleep over the fact that we won't be joining his fan club any time soon.  You can't please everyone.  But that Martin Kaymer is a great guy.  And yet, I once had a guy comment on my blog that Martin was boring.  So, even Kaymer has his detractors.