Friday, 15 July 2016

Kjeldsen Might Be a Good Bet

After two rounds at the Open you have to be impressed with Phil Mickelson.  I suppose he's now the favourite to win his second Open championship.  It would be a great accomplishment for the man who historically struggled in the Open, but has learned to love links golf.

It would be nice to see Henrik Stenson--the man I think has the best swing in golf--finally capture a Major.  But the fellow that just might be worth putting some cash on, if the bookies are still taking bets, is Soren Kjeldsen.  The diminutive Dane has proven, with his win last year at the Irish Open, that he can handle the bad weather.  At three shots back, he is nicely placed to challenge for the championship, and if the conditions get really nasty, he won't be likely to be dismayed.  He's got a wonderful attitude and can scramble with the best of them.

It's a long way from being over.  But it's interesting to see that the top four players in the game are not exactly tearing it up.  Perhaps the golfing gods aren't impressed with their decision to skip the olympics.  I know I've lost some respect for all of them for putting their own interests before their countries and the game.  

I may not be Phil's biggest fan, but I'm willing to bet that he'd have jumped at the chance to try to win an olympic gold.  You should never root against any player, I suppose.  But I must admit that I hope whoever manages to avoid the Royal Troon bunkers and become the champion golfer of the year is someone other than the big four.  They've definitely blotted their copy books with me by shunning the games.