Monday, 25 July 2016

Thanks Kevin

I played with Levi today.  He had spent the week at the Canadian Open and was back in town ready to take me on.

Levi had really enjoyed the Open and had been lucky enough to have dinner on Thursday night with Kevin Kisner.  He had been talking to Kisner's caddie, and Kevin invited him to dinner.  Levi apparently told Kevin that he wasn't particularly impressed with his driver game.  It was Kisner's short game that really impressed him.  Kevin laughed and said he would like to play with Levi from the back tees.  Then Levi would know just how good he was off the tee.

Kevin Kisner did, however, give Levi some putting advice and, man, did it help.  Levi putted like a demon and, using the seven strokes I gave him, beat me like a red-headed stepson.  From nine to thirteen he won every hole and was dormie after thirteen holes.  I won the next two and then lost on sixteen when Levi drained a twelve footer for birdie.  

Thanks Kevin.  You've turned Levi into a putter.  It won't be long until Levi will be playing me straight up, or giving me strokes.  These PGA players are good.  I just wish they'd keep their putting advice to themselves.

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