Thursday, 7 July 2016

Fiddling While Rome Burns?

Occasionally I am convicted of the fact that my golf obsession is not that unlike fiddling while Rome burns.  I play, write, and think about golf while in the real world all hell is breaking loose.

In the past few days more bombs have been exploded by extremists in the name of Islam in various parts of the world.  Thanks to citizens with cameras we essentially were able to see two black men riddled with bullets by cops for no good reason, other than the fact that both men had guns legally on their person.  In America, it seems, you should feel free to carry arms in many states, as long as you aren't black.  But then that's another story.

We have an obviously deranged narcissist and crook, with really bad hair, running for President in the US of A.  Actually, in this case I'm talking about the Donald--because a couple of those qualities could probably also be attributed to Hillary.  The scary thing is, after George W, who can really say for certain he won't actually win?  Let's face it, the world is now, and has always been in a mess.  Unfortunately, if you pay attention to the news, this is all too evident today.

With all this madness in the world, am I sane to be worrying about my golf swing?  I really wonder.  But I think I'll tune into the Golf Channel and see what's happening on the European Tour.