Monday, 18 July 2016

Forty is the New Thirty

They used to say that a man reached his leak at thirty-three years of age.  In golf, that tends to hold true as well.  But watching that titanic battle at the Open between Stenson and Mickelson we see that age can be just a number.

Henrik Stenson happily said after his first Major victory, "Forty is the new thirty."  I hope he's right.  I hope he goes on a tear like some other forty-somethings have done.

Vijay played his best golf in his forties.  Phil hasn't exactly lost it well into his forties.  It took Ben Hogan quite some time to reach the height of his powers.  Not every player gets it all together until they've been around quite some time.

If forty is the new thirty, I hope 60 is the new 50 as I turn sixty next month.  One thing for certain; if you hang in there, golf is the game of a lifetime.  I can't wait to hit the links today--even if my back is hurting.

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